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What do we offer

What We Offer

Advanced Metering Technology for measuring individual consumption


Our Meters are of Class B Magnetic Transmission Mechanical Register with Pulse Output The meters are type tested in International & Indian labs and certified  ISO 4064 Class B standards.


Commonly available flow sensors are just that – sensors. They give a very approximate value of the total flow. They may be good where one needs to know that a flow is happening and at what rate, but not where there is a transfer of custody for billing purposes. They do not have the same accuracy over the entire range of flow that can happen in day-to-day usage. They also do not have any mechanical register that can be used as a fall back. Hence there are no ISO certified flow sensors for totaliser counts. In future, sub metering may be mandated. This will mean that all sub meters are to be certified. So, if you want to be future proof; if you value peace of mind, then Smart Meter is your partner.


We just don’t stop at selling you the water meter. We undertake complete turn-key implementation of water metering solution in your apartment. Over the years we have perfected the plumbing and installation process. We are the pioneers of 1-2-3 Cut, Paste & Connect meter installation process at each inlet making it possible for even high rise buildings to adapt metering. Our trained project execution teams develop a comprehensive installation plan by partnering with the facilities managers in your building. They make sure that the installation is a painless and unobtrusive process.


The meters are connected devices and they regularly send their health data to our monitoring system. The health data includes various parameters such as total count, communication state and battery voltage. The system is self healing in case it finds any issue with any meter. With proactive maintenance we are able to prolong the life of the meters and prevent an unexpected breakdown. Our field support teams are able to handle any issue within a specified SLA signed with you.

1. CUT

Cut the Pipe

Dont worry if your pipe is CPVC / HDPE / GI. Simply measure the meter length cut the pipe accordingly using any of the cutting tools suited to cut the appropriate pipeline.


Paste the Meter

Now simply install or paste the water meter in between using our fittings



Connect the meter with our BLE Sensor or iOT Sensor

We are changing the world one meter by one meter

We are a young company in the space of Internet of Things and utility automation to bring intelligence to communities by offering smart devices for them to measure, monitor and control. Let’s leave a better place for our future generations. Drop in to know more about what we are doing.

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